Barrel Sauna Alex

Barrel sauna Alex is an ready-made backyard sauna which offers an unforgettable finnish sauna experience. The barrel sauna is transported and lifted as a whole to your yard. All you have to do is choose a place for a barrel sauna and enjoy the warm sauna experience. Your guests will fall in love with the atmosphere of the barrel sauna and its soft steam.

All our barrel saunas are made of heat-treated spruce and are pre-oiled with woodoil. An added feature is also available in the sauna painting the exterior of your color

Length: 3 meters
Diameter: 2.3 meters
Weight: 960 kg

There are two sauna bench types to choose from: Standard benches and U-shaped Delux sauna benches.

Make it your own by choosing below the accesories which suit your need


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