Barrel Sauna Karl

Barrel Sauna Karl is a modern take on traditional barrel sauna. Wall shape of this barrel offers extra room for the sauna department and ofcourse it delivers very smooth finnish sauna experience. Our barrel saunas are delivered assembled so all you need to do is find a nice levelled spot for the sauna and start enjoying it. We promise you and your guests will fall in love with this sauna

All our barrel saunas are made from heat treated spruce and they are treated with wood oil. You can also have the sauna painted to your desired color.

Length: 4  meters
Diameter: 2,3 meters
Wight: 1150 kg

In addition to the standard sauna benches you can customize the sauna with delux U-shpaed sauna benches made from heat treated aspen its also possible to fit the sauna with panoramic half-circle window.

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