Kota 9m²

Kota 9m2 is one of our most sold items. This is a garden building where you can spend relaxing moments enjoying a live fire. In addition to the Lapland atmosphere, the barbecue house combines a relaxing and timeless style. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the barbecue house all year round. Robust walls and double glazed windows keep the heat inside, even when it’s freezing cold outside. The windows that open in summer allow you to enjoy good food and company, even on a hot day outside. During the evening by the fire, the stories come to life. When the night comes, you can spread out the benches and spend a memorable night in the barbecue house listening to the sounds of nature.

The 9 m2 barbecue hut is made of high-quality materials with 24 years of experience and when properly kept it will last from one generation to another

Select the additional features you need from the list below and customize the hut to suit your needs.


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